The Future Of Air Purification At Home Following The COVID19 Pandemic


Whilst there can be no doubt about the contagious nature of COVID-19, there has been some dispute about how exactly it is transmitted, meaning that people are unsure how they can keep themselves and their families safe.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

“It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.”

The main cause of coronavirus transmission is thought to be through person-to-person contact. This happens when an infected person passes the virus to another by sneezing or coughing, most likely through close contact, when respiratory droplets land on the mouths, noses or eyes of uninfected people 6 feet or closer to the source.

However, in studies, researchers have found that the coronavirus could still be detected in the air up to three hours after emission, and so could infect people that come into contact with that air long after the infected person has left the area. For this reason, people are starting to think about how to clean the air in their homes and businesses effectively, to limit their chances of catching the virus.

Air Purifiers And Coronavirus

It is important to note that in these early stages of research, it is not yet known whether air purifiers will be able to trap and filter out coronavirus. Early studies suggest that air purifiers with HEPA filters, whilst extremely effective at filtering out air pollutants and dust mites, are not suitable for preventing viruses from entering your home. Research is still underway for other types of air purifiers so there is no firm verdict on this yet.

However, having cleaner air in your home overall can go a long way to helping your family in the fight against coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness, which is most likely to affect those who are immunocompromised. Air purifiers work to remove pollutants, allergens, germs and bacteria from your home atmosphere, creating a healthier environment for you to live in and thus boosting your immunity.

Even if an air purifier is unable to protect specifically against coronavirus, it will still go a long way to ensuring that your body is in the best shape possible to fight against it.

However, PHI air purifiers, previously used in industry and sensitive public spaces, can actually eliminate all manner of biological threats, both in the atmosphere and on surfaces within their effective treatment area. It was thought this type of technology was “overkill” for domestic and smaller commercial areas, however the current crisis has caused a rethink in this belief.

More on this technology at the bottom of this article.

Types Of Air Purifiers

The coronavirus crisis has brought into focus for many people the dangers of contaminated air. In the UK, not since the Spanish Flu of 1919, have people been afraid to breath the same air as their fellow citizens.

As mentioned above, cleaner air offers a range of benefits that could help your immunity and health, so that you are better placed to protect yourself against all manner of medical conditions. Some of the main benefits are:

Better Cardiovascular Health

When we breathe in tiny particles of chemicals and other air pollutants, they end up in our lungs, which triggers a protective mechanism of cells called macrophages. Macrophages are designed to clear out these pollutants but are also instrumental in the creation of plaque – one of the main causes of arterial blockage in the heart. Thus, breathing clean air is important for maintaining your cardiovascular health.

Healthier Lungs

This may seem obvious, but breathing polluted air is very bad for your lungs, putting them under pressure and prematurely ageing them. Studies have noted that people living in extremely polluted environments are far more likely to develop respiratory conditions such as asthma and emphysema, as well as being more at risk of contracting respiratory illnesses.

A Healthier Brain

One of the more surprising ways in which clean air affects the body is that it helps your brain to function properly. Studies have shown that air pollution can have a detrimental effect on the human brain, to the extent that people are 30% more likely to suffer a stroke when living in the most polluted countries.

Air Purifiers In Medical Settings

Polluted air has been linked in the past to outbreaks of things like SARS and MRSA, and medical practitioners have long sought out the best air purification systems for their health facilities as a way to boost patients’ recovery time and protect against further infections.

Hospitals are a hotbed of bacteria and viruses, coming from a range of sources including patients with infectious diseases, the hazardous materials worked with in these settings, and even chemical residue from cleaning materials. For this reason, air purification technologies are standard in these settings, especially those that use oxidisation technology.

Oxidisation works to remove air pollutants, bacteria and other threats, using a range of effective compounds including chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone. More recent oxidisation technology has advanced this process, leading to a technique called photohydroionisation, which is the process used by more advanced purifiers like the Airius PureAir.

The Airius PureAir

The Airius PureAir is an air purification system that employs the latest in PHI (photohydroionisation) technology from RGF Environmental, one of the worlds leading specialists in air, water and food purification, to clean the air and remove odours from any household, workspace or medical facility. In independent research results, PHI Cell technology was found to reduce the presence of MRSA, Norwalk Virus, Streptococcus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Candida Albicans, and SARS by 99%+ within just 24hrs. In 48 hours, the system was able to do the same for listeria, mould, streptococcus pneumoniae, staphylococcus aureus, and bacillus globigii.

It is still too early to know how the same system will work on the coronavirus, and further testing is underway to understand this. However, with results such as these, it is clear that any household would be well-placed to enjoy better health and ensure a safe home environment through using these systems.

Life is likely to be different for some time, following the COVID-19 pandemic. It is natural that most people’s priorities will shift to wanting to protect themselves and their families in any way they can, under the understanding that we will all be required to stay home a lot more, for a while longer. A great air purification system can help to take some of the worry out of this, and best set up your home for the long haul.

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