The Importance Of CRI In Retail – Colour Rendering Index

The Importance Of CRI (Colour Rendering Index) In Retail

The importance of considering the right CRI in Retail Businesses

The importance of retail lighting can’t be overstated. The right type of lighting has the potential to enhance retail outlets of any shape or size. It also helps drive sales, boosting profits by showcasing products in a manner which inspires a customer to make a purchase. Therefore it is important to consider the CRI In Retail Businesses.

The majority of shoppers enter a store ready to make a purchase, so creating a retail environment that is inviting as well as quite literally presenting items in the best possible light, could be the difference between a new sale or a potential customer taking their business elsewhere.

Providing a pleasurable shopping experience using effective LED lighting can see customers return to your store time and time again, but there are a number of other benefits to be enjoyed too. This includes reducing running costs by up to 70% in comparison with older forms of lighting, significantly reducing energy consumption, lowering harmful CO 2 emissions and providing a 90% saving in maintenance costs.

What Is The Colour Rendering Index (CRI)?

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a tool used to measure how colours look when illuminated by a luminaire – or light unit – in comparison to natural sunlight. CRI is measured on a scale from 0 to 100% indicating how accurate a light is to the human eye. Put simply, lighting with a higher CRI will show colours more accurately.

Light sources with a CRI of 80 to 90 are considered good at colour rendering. Light sources with a CRI of 90 or higher are excellent at colour rendering and are used in the majority of medium to large retail environments to accentuate the true colours of products. Low CRI lighting, meanwhile – often found in poor quality LED or fluorescent light fittings – will make colours appear dull and lifeless.

Groceries, vehicles, clothing and electronic goods are just a few examples of products that benefit from being illuminated by high-quality lighting. These days, LED lighting systems are the most cost-effective and efficient way of making objects appear more appealing, leading to increased sales and reduced energy bills.

Why CRI Matters In Retail Businesses

Retail lighting is all about transforming a space into an engaging experience. By using the right lighting setup, businesses can help evoke emotions in shoppers and influence their purchasing habits and buying impulses.

Therefore, accentuating a shop’s products and creating an appealing environment for customers to browse in should be the aim of any retail business. When we’re shopping, we naturally gravitate towards displays that show off products in an attractive and visually striking manner.

Successful retailers know how to showcase their product offering so their items are front and centre, leading to increased sales and a longer browse time. As well as factors such as the cost and variety of products on offer, the colour rendering index of your lighting plays a large part in influencing these purchasing decisions.

A recent study carried out by University College London aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of lighting in retail environments, by creating a shoe display in three identical alcoves using three different forms of lighting; 80 CRI LED, 95 CRI LED, and 100 CRI halogen lamps.

A group of lighting designers and potential customers were asked to rate the effectiveness and impact and of the different lighting types on the products they were illuminating. Respondents subsequently dismissed the display using the 80 CRI lamps as poor, while the 95 CRI LED and halogen lamps were deemed to make the products look a more vibrant and attractive.

As such, creating a memorable and engaging shopping experience that cannot be matched when browsing online is crucial for beating the competition, increasing footfall and boosting sales.

However large or small the business, it should be any retailer’s aim to maximise the attractiveness of their products by bringing out their true colours. A high-quality LED lighting system offers the ideal solution for achieving this.

Why Choose An Airius Retail LED Lighting Solution?

Our state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions are engineered to last longer, saving retail businesses up to 75% on their energy bills and up to 90% on maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting systems. For retailers, LED lights can help showcase your products and drive footfall by providing a clean, bright and comfortable shopping experience.

Using leading state-of-the-art technology, the latest generation of LED Lighting from Airius takes retail illumination to another level. Boasting superior colour rendering options with deep saturation, crisp white tones and directional consistency, our market-leading lighting solutions are guaranteed to make an instant impact.

There are a number of additional benefits to choosing Airius for your retail LED lighting, including:

Are You Interested In LED Lighting For Your Retail Business?

At Airius, we understand that retail businesses are centered around the customer – ensuring that they have a pleasant and memorable shopping experience is vital.

As one of the UK’s leading lighting suppliers, we have a proven track record in supplying market- leading LED systems to retailers, both large and small. If you choose to work with us you’ll be in good company as we’ve provided energy-saving solutions to a range of well-known businesses throughout the UK and wider world, including the likes of Tesco, ASDA, Boots, Waitrose, M&S, Walmart, John Lewis and McDonald’s.

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