The PureAir PHI Home – keeping you and your family safe

The air quality inside your home can be worse than outside, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

EPA’s Office of Research and Development’s ‘Total Exposure Assessment Methodology (TEAM) Study’ found that levels of indoor air pollutants can be two to five times higher than those outdoors.

This is a concerning statistic at any time but is amplified during the current pandemic, as we are spending more time indoors than ever.

One of the reasons that homes and businesses often have poor indoor air quality is that modern buildings don’t have much ventilation. 

While this is a good thing for staying warm and keeping out bugs and animals, a build-up of pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander and bacteria can be harmful to your health and leave you feeling drained and unwell.

Airius is an award-winning air purification specialist – revolutionising the industry with their technological innovations in indoor air quality (IAQ).

The Airius PureAir Home Series is designed specifically for residential spaces. The unit fits discretely into the ceiling of your home and uses a patented air purification and airflow circulation system to clean the air and create a fresh, healthy indoor environment.

The power of the PureAir Home lies in its internal PHI (Photohydroionisation) Cell.

The PHI Cell is installed within the fan unit and emits a broad spectrum HE/UV light that is projected on to a quad metallic target to generate ‘Ionised Hydroperoxides’.

Hydroperoxides are sometimes known as ‘Mother Nature’s cleaning agent’ and are responsible for the ‘clean’ smell of the air outside after a thunderstorm. 

Distributed throughout a space by the PureAir’s powerful fan, these ionised hydroperoxides effectively neutralise up to 99% of all harmful viruses, germs and bacteria – including SARS-CoV-2 (more commonly known as Covid-19). 

Furthermore, the PureAir eradicates mould, pollen spores, gases and other pollutants from the air and surfaces of your home.

Active purification

The Airius PureAir Home Series is so effective because it is an active form of air purification. 

There are two main types of air purification process used by home air purifiers – ‘passive’ processes and ‘active’ processes.

With passive systems, air has to pass through the machine’s filter and out the other side to be cleaned. The expelled air remains clean only until a new source of contamination enters the room (such as a new person coming in).

The Airius Home PureAir is an active system. 

The unit continuously generates and distributes natural cleaning agents into the environment, where they seek out and neutralise pollutants where they find them.

If a new source of contamination enters the room, the harmful particles will be quickly eradicated before they are able to circulate.

3 surprising ways the PureAir Home can improve your home life

Allergy reduction

Many people simply accept that they have things like skin or seasonal allergies because there is no obvious cause for them. 

However, it is common for skin allergies to be caused by dust mites that live in the dust present in your home, and for breathing problems to be caused by mould spores. Both of these pollutants are eradicated by the PureAir’s technology. 

Hay fever sufferers may also find that their symptoms are lessened by the PureAir Home, as it is able to drastically reduce the presence of pollen in any indoor space.

Odour elimination

For those living in apartment buildings, the smell of cooking and cleaning products from your own cooking or surrounding neighbours can be difficult to remove.

Ionised hydroperoxides are also able to attach to and neutralise odours, keeping your home smelling fresh whatever you or your neighbours have been cooking.

Surface protection

One of the major benefits of PureAir technology is that it doesn’t simply cause harmful airborne particles, viruses and bacteria to drop to the ground and surfaces like some forms of air purifier do.

Hydroperoxides are able to neutralise 99%+ of pathogens, leaving behind only harmless hydrogen particles and no chemical residue. This ensures that your surfaces are as clean and fresh as your air.

PureAir PHI: the facts

  • • kills up to 99%+ of surface bacteria and viruses
  • • kills up to 97% of airborne bacteria and viruses
  • • reduces odours by up to 99%
  • • reduces mould by up to 98%
  • • significantly reduces pet dust, pollen and general household dust

Combining a patented PHI (Photohydroionisation) Cell with a powerful, efficient fan unit, the Airius PureAir Home Series is designed specifically for homes and residential spaces.

The unit’s advanced technology emits a broad-spectrum HE/UV light, projected onto a quad metallic target, acting as a catalyst to generate ionised hydroperoxides. 

The fan continuously circulates these safe, healthy cleaning agents throughout the space , where they get to work bonding with harmful particles and pathogens.

Once attached, the oxidation process breaks them down at a cellular level, rendering them inert and odour free.

Tested & Approved

PHI accreditations

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