What Are Ions And How Do They Benefit Us Without Us Knowing?

Most people are familiar with the soothing glow of Himalayan salt lamps, or the refreshing benefits of air purifiers, but research suggests that it is more than the pleasant light or clean air that provides the health benefits these are famous for.

In fact, scientific studies are beginning to find a strong link between the negative ions released by salt lamps and air ionisers, and the mood lifting effects of the devices, which boost serotonin levels, ease anxiety and make you more alert.

What Are Ions?

Ions are mobile molecules, made up of differing numbers of protons and electrons. An ion can be positively charged (more protons than electrons), or negatively charged (more electrons than protons).

Ions In Nature

The moving water phenomenon is also found within the home, as the simple act of taking a shower can charge the air in your home with negative ions.

Himalayan salt lamps are also a rich source of negative ions, counteracting the positive ions caused by the electronic devices around your home. Beeswax candles have a similar effect, releasing ions that clean the air and boost the negative ions in the room when burned.

For those looking to maximise the negative ions in their home, an ionic air purifier is a great way to purify the air and boost negative ions. An air purifier like the Airius PureAir Plus has the added benefit of efficiently filtering and reducing airborne contaminants in your home.

Ionisation Benefits

Much research has been conducted into the benefits of air ionisation in the home, and scientists can agree on several of the main benefits to your health. These include:

  1. Decreased airborne contaminants such as bacteria, mould, viruses, allergens such as pollen and even dust.
  2. Improved overall air quality. Air feels cleaner, fresher and more invigorating when negative ions are produced in the home.
  3. Improved mood and sleep
  4. Relief from depression, particularly Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

 A 2012 study looked at patients with SAD, treating them with different concentrations of negative ions and comparing this with the already well-established bright-light therapy. The study was able to conclude that a high concentration of negative ions were able to reduce the depressive effects of the disorder.

British researchers at the Sports and Exercise Centre in Liverpool tested the effect of negative ions on men in a range of different physiological states. The researchers measured a range of responses, including heart rate, body temperature and respiration, both during exercise and at rest.

The research concluded that negative ions significantly improve all physiological states, particularly during rest, allowing coronary expansion and increased coronary blood flow, improving the function of the heart and markedly improving recovery time.

Another study suggests that negative ion exposure increases cilial activity in the trachea of humans and monkeys, in contrast with positive ion exposure which inhibits it.

The trachea is the passage that takes air to our lungs when we breathe, whilst cilia are tiny, hair-like organelles which work to keep particles from entering the lungs. Uninhibited cilial activity is crucial to keeping contaminants out of the body, meaning that negative ions are able to significantly improve the respiratory health of those exposed to them.

The Benefits Of Ions In Air Purification

Ionising air purifiers work incredibly well to remove airborne pollutants from an environment. When produced in a room, they attract an array of particles including mould spores, bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander and even smoke, magnetically attaching themselves to these molecules and making them heavy, so that they drop out of the air and onto the ground or surfaces.

Another factor that makes them ideal for protecting the indoor environment is their ability to alter the molecules that they attract to on a cellular level, effectively rendering dangerous pollutants harmless.

According to research, the Airius PureAir series is able to eliminate up to 99% of all airborne contaminants in just 30 minutes.

What Is The Airius PureAir Plus?

Whilst plasma air purifiers have long been installed in medical settings, as the technology improves and the air purifiers get smaller and cheaper to run, it is now possible to enjoy these benefits in all environments.

Where previous iterations of the technology took advantage of the best in cold plasma technology and UV light, the PureAir Plus introduces Bi-Polar Ionisation to create an air purifier that works just as effectively to decrease airborne pollutants, and also doesn’t produce ozone (an issue with some other air purifiers)

What Does It Do?

Reduces pollutants in the home. Not only does the PureAir Series offer up to 99% protection against airborne contaminants, it has also been proven to provide surface protection. A circulation fan in the unit continuously emits ions into the space, where they attach to and alter harmful germs and bacteria, rendering them inert and safe.

Controls odours. Ions neutralises odours within minutes, providing fresh, clean air 24/7. Refreshes indoor air. The PureAir system pulls fresh air in, purifying it and then replacing the stale indoor air with fresh, filtered outside air.

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