What makes Airius the most effective means to circulate cleaning agents?

Everyone knows the soothing, refreshing feeling of being by the sea or next to a body of rushing water. 

But most people don’t realise what causes that feeling – and how beneficial it is to your health.

Ions and Hydroperoxides are naturally-occurring elements present in the air around us all the time. 

They are usually found in their highest concentrations in rural areas, created by nature through sunlight, lightning, weather, moving water and the natural energy of plants.

Ions are molecules that have either lost or gained an electron, making them positively or negatively charged. Hydroperoxides are classed as friendly oxidisers and comprise of a combination of two parts Hydrogen and two parts Oxygen. They are generated in nature in unimaginably large number and help ensure the atmosphere is breathable and can support life.

They do this in two ways. The first way is by making particles (some of which could be harmful gases or organic particles) clump together and be caught in filters or fall harmlessly to the ground. Without charged agents in the atmosphere these molecules could be inhaled and potentially cause injury or death.

The second way they protect us is by their action on dangerous pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. When ions and hydroperoxides come into contact with germs and viruses they cause a disruption in the delicate organic structure that surrounds them, inactivating the pathogen, rendering it inert and harmless to health. 

It’s easy to see how by mimicking nature and releasing purifying ions and hydroperoxides in the workplace can result in dramatic improvement to indoor air quality.

How do Airius PureAir systems harness the cleaning power of nature?

The Airius PureAir range consists of a series of air and surface sterilisation fans optimised for different conditions or applications. While the technologies used in each fan maybe different, they are all dedicated to the production and release of ions and hydroperoxides so that the workplace is a healthier and safer place to be.

But these cleaning agents will not be of benefit unless they are widely and efficiently distributed into the internal space they are used to protect. This is where the inbuilt destratification fan takes centre stage.

Fans are used in many settings to ensure that hot and cold air are efficiently mixed within the local environment. This helps to avoid hot and cold levels forming, and is also essential to keep heating bills and carbon emissions down. When fans are used in this way, they are said to be destratifying the air. 

Making sure air is circulating internally is also critical for actively based sanitisation systems, as they need to ensure that these cleansing agents are spread throughout evenly and are not just localised to where the system is installed. Hence the need for an inbuilt fan.

Traditional fans, such as paddle fans, box fans, and ducted fans all have disadvantages. Depending on the model in use, they maybe noisy, energy inefficient, or too bulky for certain applications. But most importantly, these methods are all limited in their capacity for widespread airflow movement.

This is where the Airius system with its patented columnar laminar airflow and stator technology out performs any other competing active purification system. It does this by focusing airflow in a column so that it travels farther, covering a greater area that alternative systems on the market.

In addition to circulating its cleaning agents over larger spaces, the PureAir system also offers the following competitive advantages:

  • • Reduces heating costs by an average of 35%
  • • Reduces cooling costs by an average of 35%
  • • Reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 35%
  • • Eligible for carbon reducing grants / loans
  • • Increases lighting lifespan

This fan technology is near silent and offers all the above benefits, as well the ability to flood the area with active cleaning agents emitted from the Airius PureAir range. 

Airius destratification fans are usually installed at ceiling height and directed down to the floor, creating a slow-moving column of air.

When it reaches the floor the air radiates outwards 360°, spreading along the ground until it hits a vertical surface, or until its natural thermal buoyancy takes over and causes it to rise. The air then rises toward the ceiling and is once again drawn in by the fan, joining back into the descending column and circulated once again. This is complimented by Airius’ patented airflow movement, which creates millions of tiny currents of air and vortices that work together to move all the air in the space at the same speed.

This process balances the temperature within the room, preventing heat rising to the ceiling, and keeps a steady supply of cleaning agents circulating throughout the room.

The fan is at the cutting edge of air and surface sterilisation fans, able to circulate cleaning agents efficiently and continuously while the air is also being thermally equalised (destratification).

Airius PureAir NPBI 

Uses industry-leading NPBI® purification technology, combined with Airius’s patented laminar airflow circulation fan.

Creates no ozone and is independently tested as being effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19), the NPBI® series is the latest addition to the highly successful PureAir range.

This cutting edge product utilises Needlepoint BiPolar Ionisation (NPBI®) technology to generate positive and negative ions that neutralise up to 99.9%+ of all known pathogens. Not only that, it is also highly effective against VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) as well unpleasant odours.

Trusted and in use worldwide by governments, hospitals, schools, care facilities, and throughout the private sector.

PureAir+ NPBI Commercial Series Air Purification Fans

Key benefits

  • • uses the latest in NPBI® (NeedlePoint BiPolar Ionisation) technology
  • • up to 99.9%+ inactivation of all surface pathogens
  • • up to 99.9%+ inactivation of all airborne pathogens
  • • up to 99.9%+ reduction of mould & odours
  • • up to 99.9%+ reduction of gases, vapours & VOCs
  • • reduces pollen, pet dander and dust
  • • non-UV system (no replacement parts necessary)
  • • continuous, 24/7 air and surface purification
  • • keeps HVAC coils clean without using UV
  • • self-cleaning

Airius PureAir PHI

The Airius PureAir PHI air purification and infection control system uses a method of air purification based on Photohydroionisation (PHI). 

Inside each PureAir PHI fan is a PHI purification Cell – which produces a plasma made up of ionised Hydroperoxides.

This advanced oxidation technology reduces viruses, bacteria, gases, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), mould and odours by up to 99%+.

The PureAir PHI system provides the same destratification and columnar laminar airflow circulation benefits of the PureAir Pearl and NPBI® Series.

PureAir PHI Commercial Series Air Purification Fans

Key benefits

  • • 24/7 continuous air purification
  • • eliminates up to 99% surface bacteria & viruses
  • • eliminates up to 97% airborne bacteria & viruses
  • • reduces odours by more than 99%
  • • reduces mould by up to 98%
  • • reduces gases, vapours & VOCs by up to 80%
  • • reduces Sick Building Syndrome
  • • easy to install 

Airius PureAir Pearl 

The PureAir Pearl Series is equipped with BiPolar Ionisation technology produced by one of the worlds leading specialists in purification technology – Plasma Air. 

UL2998 certified as an Ozone free technology and clinically demonstrating a 99% reduction of a standard SARS Covid surrogate, The PureAir Pearl Series is specifically designed for offices and smaller settings with ceilings up to 5.5 metres high.

The high concentrations of positive and negative ions produced by the unit are transported throughout the internal space by Airius’ patented multi-vane stator destratification fan – resulting in a 24/7 germ free and fresh environment.

PureAir Pearl Commercial Series Air Purification Fans

Key benefits

  • • round-the-clock air and surface sterilisation
  • • up to 99.9% inactivation of all air and surface pathogens
  • • up to 99.9% reduction of gases, vapours, mould, VOCs & odours
  • • reduces need for outdoor air intake by up to 75%
  • • designed for Offices, Retail and smaller settings up to 5.5m high
  • • no maintenance required

Tested & Approved

Airius PureAir Technologies are widely accredited

To find out more, or if you have any questions, please call us on 01202 554 200 or visit us at www.airius.co.uk