Case Study – Volkswagen Showroom

Volkswagen Group (UK) Ltd installed the Airius system into their Head Office Showroom in Milton Keynes, saving them 20,000 kWh on their gas consumption per month and giving them a return on their investment within 3 months.

Under normal winter heating conditions the temperature in the Volkswagen showroom at high level was measured at 32ºC and at low level 18ºC.

This stratification effect can be seen in this illustration and is very common in buildings of this nature.

In December of 2008 two Airius model 25 destratification fans were installed. These gave a much more comfortable even temperature throughout the area.

Following installation it was also noted that the heating, which normally ran all day trying to reach it’s set temperature, would switch off by midday and not start again until after 4pm.



Gas readings indicated that each month 20,000 kWh less gas was now being used. Based on a figure of 2.3p/kWh the monthly savings were £460. The running costs were also extremely minimal as each unit only consumes 35 watts.

Within 3 months all the purchase and installation costs had been recovered.

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