Distribution Board Changes

Distribution Board Changes – Electrical Contracting Services

Upgrade or update your distribution board to accommodate your new lighting equipment or destratification fans.

Airius can install, replace and maintain a wide range of distribution boards for many different applications. Our experience includes a wide range of internal and external industrial, commercial, retail and leisure environments.

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Three phase distribution boards (400V)

Typically found in demanding environments such as factories, hospitals and large retail settings that have heavy electrical loading, three phase distribution boards allow the load to be balanced over three phases.

Three phase distribution boards usually require heavy duty cabling and are usually secured in a locked box. A three phase distribution board allows you to have separate metering, which can be ideal for use with multiple buildings or electrical systems.

Single phase distribution boards (230V)

Ideal for environments with lighter demand, single phase distribution boards are typically found in residential, commercial and light industrial environments. A single phase distribution board is ideal for environments with fluctuating demand.

Domestic fuse board (consumer unit)

Airius Electrical can maintain or replace your domestic fuse board (also known as a consumer unit).

Older consumer units may not comply with current regulations, which stipulate that fuse boards should be equipped with residual current devices (RCD) which are designed to prevent fatal electric shocks. Modern fuse boards are also better protected from fire.