Faults, Rewires and Additions

From the smallest electrical fault to complete rewiring projects, Airius has the skills to complete your project on time and on budget. Domestic projects undertaken by request.

Electrical Trouble, Faults, Rewires & Additions

Electrical faults can bring your business to a grinding halt. And it’s not always obvious what the problem is. Our electrical engineers are skilled at diagnosing problems and getting to the root of the issue.

Our engineers regularly attend offices, factories, homes, workshops and retailers to check for faults and identify issues that might be tripping fuses or blowing bulbs.

Often available at short notice, our engineers can resolve problematic wiring, connections and circuitry that are preventing your business (or home) from operating efficiently. Our engineers have the experience and qualifications to rapidly identify and remedy a wide range of faults.

Airius electricians can provide a free, no-obligation quote, as well as advice on the most affordable and effective resolution for any electrical issue.