How Do Airius Units Achieve Destratification With So Little Energy?

Airius is the world leader in destratification technology. A combination of innovative and continual R&D along with the use of the highest quality materials and motors enables Airius fans to achieve great results whilst requiring very minimal power usage across the range.

The unique way in which air is moved using Airius patented stator vane technology, creates up to 15 times more air to be circulated in the space than is exhausted through the fan itself, as a result of entrainment. This huge volume of slow air circulation achieves the most efficient and effective method of destratification available.

For example the Airius model 45/PS-4 uses only 42 Watts and equalises the temperature in buildings with ceiling heights of up to 13 metres.

Other destratification fans available on the market which claim they will equalise temperatures at the same height use as high as 870 Watts. This is over 20 times as much power, which in turn leads to more noise, more turbulent air and a much shorter life span.