How Does The Airius System Work With Cooling?

The way Airius units work to reduce cooling costs is slightly different to heating. Typically in cooled spaces those people near the cooling outlet are too cold and those no more than a few metres away are too hot. People by windows can also get too hot due to solar gain and so on.

The Airius units help by equalising the temperature making sure that everyone benefits from the cooling as quickly as possible. It also helps the cool air reach thermostat set points quicker.

The Airius system also ensures that every bit of air in the building is moving very slowly. This gentle air movement across the skin creates a lower perceived temperature (evaporative cooling), allowing you to turn your thermostat up by between 2 and 4°C.

This along with the equalised temperature has proven to reduce cooling costs by anything from 20% up to 100%. This is due to the low cooling requirement in the UK.  You only need to reduce the cooling load slightly to make huge savings.

Cooling Testimonials:

Bowlplex PLC

“We are very impressed with the results Airius fans have achieved in our ten pin bowling centre at Nantgarw in South Wales. The atmosphere inside has been greatly improved reducing staff & customer comfort complaints by 90%.

They have also allowed us to increase our thermostats from 19°c to 23.5°c resulting in a saving of over 70% on our cooling costs! The Airius system has far exceeded our expectations & will be standard equipment for all our 18 bowling centres in the UK.”

Ben Carne – Energy Manager

Tiso Ltd

“The Airius system was installed during the summer whilst the AC system was closed down for servicing and we were happy to find the environment now comfortable without the AC running. This has now led to the entire AC system being decommissioned with a considerable reduction in electricity consumption. We now consider destratification systems as a key part of our refits”

Iain Calder – Property Director