What Is The Typical Rate Of Stratification From Floor To Ceiling?

Stratification typically occurs at a rate of 0.5 –2ºC per metre and temperature differentials of up to 10°C are common over a height of 10 metres. In extreme cases, temperature differentials of 10°C have been found over a height of 3 metres.

The degree of stratification depends on a number of factors such as the building materials, level of insulation, activity in the building, heating/cooling set points and the outside temperature.

It is wrong to assume that if the level of stratification is at the lower end of the scale there is not much to be gained. This can be down to a number of reasons, such as:

  • – The heating is off
  • – Outside temperature is at or above room temperature
  • – Insulation levels are so low, heat escapes before it can build up. Our most successful case studies have been from buildings like this (View Lush & Impress case studies).

In normal conditions the Airius range should equalise the temperature to within a 2°C band floor to ceiling.