Reduce Your Heating Costs With Effective Destratification Systems

Heating costs often account for a huge percentage of a building’s overall energy use. In their report ‘Building the Future Today’ The Carbon Trust reveals that heating accounts for nearly 50% of energy costs in most non-domestic buildings.

Airius offers companies the chance to save 20% – 50% on heating costs with our effective destratification systems. After installation, the change will be instantly noticeable within your building.

If your building has high heating costs, unbalanced heating patterns may be the root cause behind these charges. Imbalance of temperatures is called thermal stratification and may be causing your business to be losing significant amounts of money.

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All buildings suffer from thermal stratification, which causes fluctuations in temperatures and higher heating costs than is necessary. In extreme cases, temperatures may differ up to 10°C over a height of 10 metres. This is due to the continuous rising of heat from floor level to the ceiling.

This continual rising of heat will lead to your heating system supplying much more heat into the space than is necessary, as it attempts to constantly replace the lost heat at floor level and to maintain an even temperature.

Airius are the solution

To combat rising heating costs and stratification occurring in your building, Airius will supply you with the best thermal destratification products available. Our destratification systems will recirculate any rising heat back to floor level in a continuous cycle. This smart air movement will ensure that there is a continuous circulation of air, maintaining a balance in temperatures between the floor and ceiling.

Our destratification systems have helped thousands of customers in a wide range of sectors make considerable savings on heating costs. View our Impress Metal Packaging Ltd Case Study and see how we helped them save over 45% on their heating costs in their first winter season.

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Airius destratification systems are suitable for a wide range of commercial buildings with heating systems and a ceiling height from 2.5 to 38 metres. In many cases, buildings without a heating system may also feel the benefits of our destratification systems by recirculating heat from lighting, machinery, office equipment and body heat during winter months.

“First winter savings of £62,251 measured against a total spend of £21,268!!!”

Paul Mattin – Engineering Manager – Impress Metal Packaging Ltd

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