Large Commercial Ceiling Fans

The smart alternative to primitive ceiling fans

Airius is the leader in commercial fan technology, and the producer of the world’s best-selling destratification fans.

Our destratification fans use our patented technology to circulate air around your space. Airius fans are so efficient that they cost as little as £24 per year to operate, and they can slash your energy costs by an average of 35%.

How does it work?

Stratification and the need for fans

In all buildings, warm air rises and cool air falls. This leaves you with a big difference in temperatures at the floor and the ceiling. To achieve the ideal temperature at floor level, you have to use more energy to cool or heat your space – and even then, you may find that your workers and visitors are still uncomfortable.

This phenomenon is called thermal stratification.

Airius fans are designed to break this cycle by efficiently forcing columns of air towards the ground. When the air column reaches the floor it is dispersed in every direction, displacing the ground-level air and equalising temperatures at every height.

Airius patented technology

While traditional large commercial ceiling fans big blades to churn air around, Airius fans use our patented multi-vane stator technology, as well as premium motors and electrical components, to create powerful columns of air.

This means that Airius fans are far more efficient than large commercial ceiling fans. Instead of spending thousands of pounds to churn air around the ceiling, Airius destratification fans move the air to the optimal position using the least energy.

Destratification: recommended by the Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust recognises destratification as one of the most effective carbon-reducing initiatives that companies can invest in. Through destratification you can make better use of the energy you use to heat or cool your space. This means your energy bills fall while comfort levels rise. And you can cut your CO2 emissions at the same time.

Ideal for hot and cold environments

Thermal stratification occurs in all buildings, whether your energy is being used on heating or cooling a space. We recommend that Airius fans are left running all day, every day, because this prevents fluctuations in temperature and ensures that your environment is comfortable from the first moment someone starts work on Monday morning.

Benefits of Airius destratification fans:

  • Improve comfort for visitors, guests and employees
  • Reduce energy costs by an average of 35%
  • 5-year warranty
  • Extend the life of your HVAC equipment and machinery
Ceiling fans to suit your spaces

Airius fans come in a range of shapes and styles. Whether you choose our standard range, sleek designer fans or fans designed to blend seamlessly into your ceiling, you get the same Airius power and efficiency.

While traditional large commercial ceiling fans are large and unsightly, Airius destratification fans achieve a bigger effect with a much smaller footprint.

Award-winning ceiling fans

Airius designs original products to meet the heating and cooling needs of commercial, industrial and retail environments. Our commitment to original design has been recognised with 3 consecutive years of product innovation awards.

Want to know more about Airius commercial fans?

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