“Following severe temperature problems being experienced in a British Airways maintenance hangar at Heathrow, we (Gratte Brothers) were awarded the contract to upgrade the heating and ventilation system along with other M & E works.

The temperatures problems were severe with staff threatening to walk out. After exhaustive research, it was decided to install 12 x Airius Model 100 units and 15 x Airius Model 60 units to improve internal air circulation and reduce the extremely high heating and cooling costs. 

The Airius fans made an immediate and significant improvement even before the heating/cooling system upgrades had been completed, so much so that all complaints from staff ceased immediately and they were now comfortable enough to work in their t-shirts. 

The team at Airius were really helpful and a pleasure to work with. We will be tendering for further British Airways projects of this type and fully expect to purchase more Airius units.”

J Forge – Contract Manager – Gratte Brothers Group Ltd

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