“Working on the front lines as medics, there has never been a greater need to ensure that staff and patients are kept in clean, controlled environments where the transmission and cross contamination of contagious disease, in the air and on surfaces can be limited, reduced or prevented. This is especially important today in efforts to combat the COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic.

Continuing to maintain a safe, clean environment was a top priority in the Hospitals COVID19 response strategy and a number of different purification systems and technologies were considered, but the Airius PureAir system initially stood out due to its cost and its ability to clean both the air and surfaces. Its flexibility and ease of fitting was also an important factor, allowing units to be installed in only a few hours with minimal disruption to the normal operations of the Hospital. Before committing to full investment in the PureAir system tests were carried out in-house and the results were extremely impressive.

Following the outcome of these tests the Hospital immediately installed the PureAir system in the Orthopaedic Department in March 2020. The system was then extended and installed into the Surgical and ER Departments, as well as additional high traffic areas. There was an immediate effect each time a system was turned on, freshening the air and replacing unpleasant odours with a reassuring clean aroma.

Since installation, as the COVID19 outbreak has worsened, the hospital has had to perform emergency surgeries and procedures on COVID19 positive patients. Despite this, of the 26 separate COVID19 tests that were carried out on the attending medics, every single test has been negative.

In addition to the purification benefits of the PureAir system, air circulation has been significantly improved along with better control of internal temperatures through the units destratification benefits.

As is common with many Hospitals there is no HVAC or air circulation system so this was another great advantage. The Hospital now plans to install Airius PureAir units throughout the rest of the facilities as part of a financially staged roll-out.”

Dr. Gerogi Zhelyazkov – Executive Director

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