“We are the appointed contractors for Green Point Christian College, located in Gosford, NSW, who had an overheating problem with their school multipurpose centre, main hall stage and mezzanine gym area. The school caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Peter Gay, the Facility Manager from the school, contacted us to address cooling and air flow problems in early 2017. He had heard about the Airius fan system through an Independent Schools Facility Manager’s group, which he participates in. Peter advised that the spaces in the School were “very hot, with no air flowing over people while playing sport or during college functions”.

After installing the Airius destratification fans into the different zones using a range of model sizes, from Model 25’s up to Model 60’s for the larger spaces, the result has been impressive. Peter said the Airius destratification fans “certainly have made a big difference and improved comfort during the various functions we have at the centre”. He indicated that one of the great benefits of the Fans is that “since installation there have been no complaints about the overheating and there is much appreciation of having the areas cooler”.

The key to selecting Airius units over other possible solutions were because they were “less intrusive than other products available” and “were able to provide cooling to the whole centre for the same costs as alternative options that only partially covered the areas that required cooling”. The lower pricing of Airius was a key criterion in selecting the Airius units.

Since the Airius units have been installed, Peter has received comments from building users, particularly “how good it is having air flow and keeping the centre cooler”. When asked to describe what he might say if recommending the Airius system, Peter said “how effective and non-intrusive the Airius fans were, as well as being cost effective. The installation process was also straight forward and our own electrical contractors, who are familiar with the site, were able to install the units with ease.”

Contract Manager

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