“When the Coronavirus pandemic spread to the UK all dental surgeries were forced to close. The risk of becoming a transmission hub in their community was too great.

It was clear that professional bodies were too busy to help dentists and I began to look for cross infection solutions for my own dental surgery. The Airius team were incredibly helpful. They found time to answer my call in person, at a time when no one was picking up the phone.

The team at Airius answered all my questions patiently, and speedily and within a few days they created a bespoke solution for Harewood Dental Surgery. The air filtration units arrived almost immediately. Airius liaised extensively with my electrician for installation making themselves available for all queries in real time.

Whilst UVC air filtration is not the complete solution, it works brilliantly alongside other measures and I have no doubt it has significantly reduced the risk of cross infection of all pathogens at my surgery. It has given staff confidence that working spaces are safer. The gentle background smell of hydroperoxide reminds you that you are entering a clinical space but one in which your health and safety has been given a top priority Harewood.

I would not hesitate to recommend Airius purification and destratification fans for cross infection solutions for your practice.”

Dr. Maria Moore BDS – Principal

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