“We initially installed one Model 15 Airius unit into the male changing room in our Albany swim school facility. We had a problem with high humidity causing condensation on the walls and floor in this space.

Within hours we noticed a difference and two days later the entire space was a lot drier, with less damp odour. We then installed two more units in the female changing rooms and one large Model 60 in the main pool area. Although we had previously spent vast amounts of money installing mechanical air handling units and ducting systems in this space, there were still areas around the pool where instructors and customers found it very humid. The Model 60 Airius fan not only alleviated this issue but helped dry out an end wall that was often wet with condensation.

We have since installed other units in more of our facilities and are currently monitoring energy savings brought about by thermal destratification in our Havelock North facility.

These things are simple to install and very economical to run, but above all they deliver results.”

Howard Gumbley – General Manager

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