“I am delighted to be able to recommend the installation of Airius destratification and airflow circulation fans into a preschool facility. We commissioned our new 80 child preschool in Clendon in December 2013 and had 4 units installed.

It has been a very hot summer but the Airius destratification fans have cooled the preschool down by circulating and cleaning the air – they are as good as an air conditioning unit! We are yet to enter the winter months but we expect that we will have less sickness due to the Airius PHI add on killing bugs and also a more even heat as they circulate warm air around.

We are renovating an older preschool and will be installing Airius Fans in the centre too as it has a high ceiling where the heat rises to in the winter and we want the heat at the children’s level.”

Tony Bracefield – General Manager

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