“We (Electrical Mechanical Controls Ltd – Ireland) surveyed the VW Showroom as the owner had expressed that he was having problems with uneven temperatures between the upstairs offices and downstairs offices and showroom. Staff upstairs were too hot and the staff downstairs were working with their coats on at times.

The Showroom has 3 sides of glass, floor to roof. They have 4 combined heating/cooling units with the temperature set at between 30 – 33°C with 4 blowers set to maximum.

Since installation the temperature on the A/C units have been reset at between 18 – 22°C with the 4 blowers on the low setting and 2 of these are turned off intermittently for approx. 2 – 4 hours per day. Staff on both floors commented on the lovely comfortable temperature in comparison to before the Airius destratification fan system was fitted.”

Sean Browne – Dealer Principal

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