Client Testimonials

With thousands of happy customers Airius has supplied hundreds of thousands of Airius units all over the world. Read some of their testimonials here…

  • "We installed the Arius destratification system in the production area of our Blunham site. It was like having additional heaters in the area, working conditions were greatly improved”.

    We have recently gained re-accreditation of the Carbon Trust Standard and this project has helped to improve our manufacturing area with minimal impact to our Carbon Footprint."

    Paul Gale - Process Improvement Manager
  • "Having a temperature problem in our workshop environment, I was pointed in the direction of Airius Limited.

    In no time at all, I was seated listening to their Head of Sales explaining, quite authoritatively, how his destratification system worked. I was sold. After the weekend a detailed quote and other technical details arrived which enabled me to sell the product to Senior Management. Once we had ordered the fans they arrived very quickly. This was followed by the installation of three Airius M25 Destratification fans and a power supply by one of the Contractors recommended by Airius. The whole process couldn’t have gone smoother.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Airius, and their products, to anyone who needs a cost-effective and superior destratification system."

    Peter J Carter LCGI, TechIOSH, AEIMA -Health, Safety & Environment Manager
  • "We are a very small rural church (All Saints Church) with an ancient oil-fired heating system. The spiders living in the apex of the roof were very cosy but the congregation was freezing. We had recently had a big fund raiser for repairs and thus were looking for a cost effective means to improve the distribution and utilisation of the heat generated by the antiquated system!

    Airius fans seemed to be a possible solution. We have now gone through our first winter with the fans in place. The temperature in the church with the fans running is more even, the church feels warmer now that we "harvest" all that heat in the roof and the fans are very economical to run. We have kept the congregation from freezing and managed to reduce the boiler burning time by about 25%.

    We think the Airius product speaks for itself."

    Peter Hill - Director of Facilities
  • "All Souls Bolton is a fabulous restoration of an 18th century gothic revival, grade II* listed church in Bolton. The modern futuristic design has created a new standard for the restoration and re-purposing of historic buildings for the community. As with any old building keeping heating and maintenance costs low is critically important to our long term sustainability.

    The Airius Destratification Fans play a key role in recycling warmer air at high level in the building back down to lower levels, keeping people warmer and at the same time keeping our heating costs down".

    Andrew Suter – Director
  • "We fitted the 3 Airius units to remove the hotspots in our manufacturing area. They were simple and quick to fit and resolved the problem instantly.

    The Airius fans improved our staff comfort & productively. I would highly recommend the Airius product!"

    Paul Wallace - Lead Engineer
  • "After fitting the Airius fans at a local Sports Centre we have noticed that the temperature within the hall has stabilised dramatically.

    We carried out remote temperature readings before and after installation and after the installation, we noted that the variance in temperature over a 24 hour period was between 1 and 1.5 degrees, this is a significant improvement over previous findings. In addition, feedback from Centre users has been very positive with a number of customers commenting on the “freshness” of the internal environment.

    We have been requested by the Centre Manager to reduce the set point temperature in the Hall by 2 degrees. We’ve also been asked by the Centre Manager to switch the heating off 2 hours earlier than normal."

    Duncan A. McLaren BSc, PgDip, AIEMA - Senior Energy Technician
  • "We are very happy with our new installation in our factory and have no complaints. We would highly recommend Airius Electrical."

    Facilities Manager
  • "Just to let you know we installed the fan and it feels like a heater from the ground. Very good. I am ordering 2 more units now and will continue as and when our budgets allow. Thanks."

    John Middleton - Senior Electrical Engineer
  • “Having recently installed the Airius destratification fans into our aircraft maintenance hangar facility at Biggin Hill Airport, Kent, UK the increase in temperature to the working area on the hangar floor area was noticed immediately. The units were simple to install and the team at Airius were supportive throughout.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending their system to operators of similar facilities."

    Facilities Manager
  • "Prior to the installation of the model 25 the mezzanine in the main admin block was unbearable to work on – since the installation the whole admin area has improved. The mezzanine is not as hot and the main area on the ground has a more stable temperature.

    I can honestly say that the installation has improved comfort levels for staff in the whole area."

    Yvonne Conway - Estates Manager
  • "We purchased 6 Airius fans for our self storage company as we were having problems with condensation when there was a large fluctuation in temperatures.

    After we installed them it completely solved our problem and we haven’t had any condensation in over 4 years since we have had them. We keep them on 24 hours a day and they are very cheap to run.

    Customer service is excellent, especially after one stopped working after 2 1/2 years and they sent a new one out to replace it almost immediately.

    I would highly recommend Airius fans."

    Leon Antone – Director
  • "We installed the Airius fans in an existing jail pod with 73 full time occupants.

    The odors in that area were extremely bad. We let the fans run for about two weeks and conducted a basic survey with the guards that attend that pod most frequently. Our survey came back with results showing a positive change in the air quality. I personally walked the area before and after the installation many times and noticed a significant change. Our next test was to turn off the fans without notifying anyone. There was an immediate request from the guards to have the fans turned back on. So we did and they were very happy.

    We were very happy with the performance of the destratification fans, as well as the air purification and odour control PHI system. The space stays very comfortable and controls to temperature settings with less effort than the existing pods the area was almost completely odor free.

    After several months, I was passing through the jail looking at another project and stepped in to the area with the fans. The area was almost completely odor free. I asked the maintenance supervisor if it had been like this for sometime. He said it has and that it didn’t matter how much fresh air was coming in from the ducts the conditions remained the same. I am impressed with these results because this pod shares the same air system with three other adjoining pods. We were absolutely confident that adding PHI fans to the entire jail would give us excellent air quality and energy savings so we are requesting funding for a 2007 installation."

    Greg Billings - Building Automation/Energy Management Design Specialist
  • “We are very impressed with the results Airius fans have achieved in our ten pin bowling centre at Nantgarw in South Wales.

    The atmosphere inside has been greatly improved reducing staff & customer comfort complaints by 90%. They have also allowed us to increase our thermostats from 19°c to 23.5°c resulting in a saving of over 70% on our cooling costs.

    The Airius system has far exceeded our expectations & will be standard equipment for all our 18 bowling centres in the UK.”

    Ben Carne - Energy Manager
  • "As a theatre housed in a Grade II* listed former church, we had never 100% resolved the issue of keeping a seated audience sufficiently warm in very cold weather. However much heat we pumped into the building, certain areas were still always draughty and cold. I tried several methods to create more heat without much success and once Airius loaned us one of their fans to try it was apparent that this was the answer.

    The fans have proved to be extremely beneficial. They direct the right amount of heat back to floor level with the use of the speed controller , it is no longer wasted just heating the rafters, but now keeps the building warm at ground level and has resolved our draught problem."

    Vincent Hayes – Owner
  • "We installed Airius destratification fans to balance the temperature in our hot room.

    Prior to installation we had a 20 degree C temperature differential over the 11 meter high hot room, since installation of the fans the temperature differential has dropped to 4 degree C.

    The fans are very quiet and have very low power consumption and I would recommend them highly."

    Andrew Cowling - Director
  • "Following severe temperature problems being experienced in a British Airways maintenance hangar at Heathrow, we (Gratte Brothers) were awarded the contract to upgrade the heating and ventilation system along with other M&E works.

    The temperature problems were severe with staff threatening to walk out. After exhaustive research it was decided to install 12 x Airius Model 100 units and 15 x Airius Model 60 units to improve internal air circulation and reduce the extremely high heating and cooling costs.

    The Airius fans made an immediate and significant improvement even before the heating/cooling system upgrades had been completed. All complaints from staff ceased immediately and they were now comfortable enough to work in their t-shirts. The team at Airius were really helpful and a pleasure to work with. We will be tendering for further British Airways projects of this type and fully expect to purchase more Airius units."

    J Forge – Contract Manager – Gratte Brothers Group Ltd
  • "In regards to the Airius units fitted, they have proved a great success by balancing the heat profiles in the large office areas, particularly with the top floor, where the ceilings are very high. The complaints of cold spots have ceased. It has allowed the cut off temperatures to be controlled at a reduced level and may allow a further reduction still for the next heating season.

    As mentioned, we had an audit by Carbon Trust and whilst the electric heating we have at Fazeley was not classed as efficient, the surveyor carrying out the audit acknowledged we had taken as many practical steps as were possible by the use of start-up controls, temperature control and the Airius units to make the best use of the heat the system produced.

    It is envisaged we will be installing further units where we know we have a need to bring the warm air back down from the high ceilings for the benefit of those sat at floor level!! I am still investigating the electricity use savings, but this will have to be done by unit consumption, rather than cost with the increases we have all sustained in electricity prices, it is difficult to determine by cost. I’ll keep you advised of the outcome."

    Nigel.D.Joyce MCIOB Dip.HI Senior Building Surveyor, West Midlands Waterway
  • "We are very happy with the performance of the AIRIUS units. The space within the county jail stays very comfortable and it is easier to control the temperature. We have requested funding to install the AIRIUS System throughout the entire jail.

    We also installed the AIRIUS units in our 30,000 sq ft. exhibition building. Again the space seems very comfortable. There is no difference in the temperature between the ceiling and the floor.

    I work for local government and it is in my best interest to only use products that represent a rock solid investment."

    Greg Billings - Building Automation/Energy Management Design Specialist
  • "I confirm my order for a further 4 x model 25's for use in our Tonbridge branch.

    The staff in Folkestone are very happy with the performance of the units there, the thermostat has been turned down way beyond the point that I thought was humanly possible! I will put pen to paper and write a letter as a satisfied customer."

    Nick Brewer – Director
  • "We are still using the Airius Destrat fans that we purchased for our Music Rooms in 2012 and they have proved effective at redistributing the warm air from the ceiling to the occupied areas below.

    Although the fans are very quiet, because they are located in rooms where music is taught and performances take place, there are times when they have to be switched off for the right room acoustics. We then have to remind the staff using them to turn them back on to take advantage of the destratification capabilities to heat the rooms more efficiently.

    We are now considering installing the Airius fans in our Large Hall. It is used for assemblies, dining and performances and we believe the fans will work well in redistributing heat during the winter as well as providing movement of air during the summer.

    This will be particularly welcome on sunny days when exams are being held in the hall."

    Gary Kelly - Business Manager
  • "We were initially sceptical about how effective the Airius units would be, but the money-back guarantee persuaded us to trial them in one of our facilities. We soon found the optimum setting.

    "The units were simple and fast to install. Were delighted to find that the temperature difference between ground and roof had improved from around 5°C to just 0.5°C proving their effectiveness."

    Andy Pryer – Quality Manager
  • "5 STAR SERVICE - We called Airius Electrical out to trace an earth fault that two previous electricians could not find. Within 1 hour Andrew (Airius Engineer) found the fault and fixed it, proof that this company has excellent knowledge as previous electricians had spent many days in trying to trace the fault without success.

    From the initial phone call through to the onsite professionalism and quick response to our enquiry, we would not hesitate to recommend Airius.

    Thank you so much."

    Mandy Turnbull LeRiche
  • "We installed an Airius Destratification System in our PVC Window Manufacturing Unit over 12 months ago. The unit has 6m eaves with a ground floor area of 12500 ft2.

    Prior to its installation the gas powered space heaters were running throughout the working day in the winter months to maintain the air temperatures required by the production unit. Ground Floor Temperatures were cool but temperatures at mezzanine level to which the warm air had risen were warm. Hence the continuing output requirement from the heaters.

    In the period following the installation, the air temperature zones were reversed with warm ground floor temperatures and cool mezzanine level temperatures. The heaters therefore were running less frequently as they are linked to a thermostat 2m from ground level. The result is lower heating consumption, a warmer working environment and a happier workforce.

    The Airius system does what it says on the tin."

    Tom Dyer – Director
  • "Dear Sir, I just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed we are with the Destrat Fan and Controller. It really is very effective in our 10Msq Vaulted Ceiling living space. It really is an excellent bit of kit."

    Jim Scorer - Homeowner
  • “Before we installed your PureAir system, the Alzheimer’s unit was losing an average of three 3 residents a month due to dissatisfaction because of urine smell or illness, such as pneumonia. This was approximately a 100% turnover in residents every year.

    Since installation of the Airius PureAir system in our care home, revenue has gone UP by £60,500. We have saved over £8,700 on carpeting and mattress replacements. We have also saved over £3,300 on chemical mists to cover up odours; and there have been NO cases of pneumonia and NO deaths due to communicable illness... we now have a waiting list of residents equal to 25% of our capacity!"

    Karen L. Bowles – Executive Director
  • "I am the manager-in-charge of the energy service side of Bitter Creek Pipelines. We are the ESCO currently engaged in revamping the energy usage requirements for both Ellsworth and Minot Air Force bases (located in South and North Dakota).

    Our task and main objective is to reduce energy costs at these facilities. Recently we identified that heat stratification in the hangars at both of these facilities was a main contributor to excess energy consumption. In response, our project team looked at and tested several currently available devices that claim to address and resolve this issue. We found all but one to be inadequate and unable to meet their claims. One such product was the Strato Jet which, when tested, produced not only an excessive level of noise, but also essentially a non-delivery of airflow. On the other hand, when we tested the Airius product we found that it did everything that it claimed it would do.

    Basically the Airius product proved to be vastly superior to any other product tested.

    To date, our company has installed over 900 Airius units at Ellsworth and Minot. In the near future we will be installing several hundred additional units and expand our installation program to other like kind facilities."

    Chuck Miller - Energy Manager
  • "Churches are always a problem to heat effectively and economically but on several recent schemes I have found that the Arius range of destratification fans have proved most advantageous in achieving our objective to provide heating schemes for our clients which maintain a uniform temperature within the buildings and prevent unnecessary heat loss through the upper structure.

    Our designs are based on maintaining a minimum background temperature at all times which can be boosted to normal comfort levels before services and events and then maintained to a major extent during occupation. In our schemes the Arius destratification fans are normally used during the non-occupied periods (when the small amount of sound generated by the fans is less of an issue) to evenly distribute the heat delivered from a variety of heat sources thereby maximising their effectiveness. This is particularly useful where there are limitations on the locations for heating terminals which is often the case in church buildings.

    The Arius units which we have specified have been the 25 suspended range and the 35 range with ceiling kits. The units have been found by our clients to be compact and therefore comparatively unobtrusive when mounted at high level as recommended. Every project is different and requires careful consideration particularly when dealing important and historic buildings, but we have found the Arius equipment to be sufficiently versatile to be able to achieve acceptable solutions on several projects, including The Dutch Church project."

    David Gadsdon - Director
  • "The system has been very useful in distributing heat to lower levels which collected at high level with in our unit, thus helping to increasing reliability of our sensitive labelling equipment during winter periods, where previously we had setting problems. During summer months equally it circulates air for employee comfort and is a quiet system."

    Our site during 2012/13, saw significant energy savings for the site through environmental initiative to support our ISO14001 accreditation globally which I am sure the system played a small part in conjunction with our site initiatives."

    Lee Davis - Group Health, Safety & Environmental Advisor
  • “Gama Aviation are always looking for new initiatives and technologies to help reduce their energy consumption. Not only to reduce costs but also to adhere to new legislation and contribute towards creating a sustainable future for all, and the Airius system has been an effective solution towards helping Gama Aviation achieve those goals.”

    Sean Hull - Engineering Operations Manager
  • "I had been looking into the possibility of mounting a number of regular fans to circulate the heat back down, but being a mailing house with mountains of paper and envelopes around the last thing we needed was in internal gale.

    With the Airius product, we found that the directional ‘column’ of air was both narrow and gentle enough to cause minimal disturbance and the ease of installation allows you to literally ‘target’ areas avoiding busy places. Our heater, like many for industry, blows heat through the top of a 2m high cabinet and has a thermostat on the side. To reach the temperature set at the thermostat ALL the air above 1m needs to be heated but still leaving the actual working area below the ideal.

    With all that heated air now being pushed back down, not only can the thermostat temperature be lowered considerably but the heater itself kicks in less often. Whilst having no exact figures to hand I can say that having burnt our way through 6,000 litres of oil in the first five weeks or so, the same heater assisted by just three Airius fans, on average now uses about 3,000 litres – for the whole year.

    We are extremely pleased with Airius service and a great product."

    Roger Hewlett - Production Manager
  • "The company’s new 50,000 sq ft. warehouse facility in Louisville, KY did not pass the Food and Drug Administration’s required Temperature Validation Tests with the originally designed HVAC system.

    Without AIRIUS fans, the top levels of the pallet racking were exposed to 73°F air, too high a temperature for the inventory. This was a major problem, the facility was due to open and the space was badly needed. The HVAC contractor had tried everything they could think of and had no answers for the problem short of starting over with a re-designed system. A senior facility engineer had been told of the AIRIUS Thermal Equalizers by an AIRIUS sale agent and suggested the use of them for this application. The HVAC Contractor was very sceptical that the devices could raise the cold air levels and maintain them.

    AIRIUS personnel were called in to review the situation and it was determined for this large application that 50 AIRIUS Model 25-120V Thermal Equalizers would be required and were air freighted at the customer’s request within 2 days. The facility quickly agreed and the installation was a success. The AIRIUS fans balanced the level of cooler air in the room to the point where the upper rack levels are no longer in jeopardy – Thermal Equalization! The temperature around the pallet racks supporting literally billions of dollars of inventory from floor to ceiling met all FDA regulations and approval.

    This AIRIUS installation allowed the warehouse to pass FDA Validation Testing and helps ensure the safety of the products for the manufacturer and the consumer. The temperature variance from the bottom of the 18’ racks to the top with the fans running over the last year is only ½ to 1°F. This case is an example of how the AIRIUS Thermal Equalizers can work in air conditioned environments as well as heated environments and testifies as to how well they truly do equalize nearly 100% of the air temperature in a given space.

    The results of this original installation; AIRIUS is now specified in the next two warehouse projects, one in 2007 and another in 2008, for this same pharmaceutical company."

    Project Manager
  • "May I thank you again for your professionalism in the way you completed the contract for installation of 126 DE Strat fans at GDHA here in Prescot. Your dealings with us from first contact after we got project approval have been exemplary.

    On meeting you for the first time in the pre-meeting we got a good feeling about the way the installation project would be handled by yourself and by Airius. This continued from yourself and your team through the five weeks of installation.

    We have had no adverse comments on the performance or influence of the fans from our workforce, where it has been explained to them then are keen to see the temperature regulation effect in summer and winter.

    Our finance and myself are also keen to measure the benefit of the fans in our energy costs, keep you updated over the next 12 months.

    GDHA would be happy for you to use this testimonial for reference with your senior management and potential customers."

    Phil Harris - Manufacturing Director
  • "Here is a comment that we received from one of our tenants who is happy with your product.

    - “The destrat fans are very quiet and have not inhibited our daily work in any way. They have proved to be successful by pushing the warm air down, definitely providing us with a more constant temperature throughout the whole floor area”.

    Marian Croucher - Manager
  • "We installed 34 Airius number 35 free hanging units into the can assembly plant at our manufacturing site and I am very pleased with the results so far. The heating system in the building now comes on far less than it used to and the employees who work in this building are now much warmer.

    "The overall savings taking into account lower temperatures and prices in winter 08/09 = 45.07%. The full cost of the Airius units is recouped within a matter of months - first winter savings of £62,251 measured against a total spend of £21,268!!!"

    I will be looking at other buildings on our site and also recommending Airius fans to other companies within the group who operate from many large buildings throughout Europe."

    Paul Mattin - Engineering Manager
  • "We would like to thank you for the Airius units that we use in our Printery Reel Store.

    As in common with all web offset printers we have found a problem with paper being too cold when delivered in winter and causing webouts in the printing process - an expensive waste of time and resource.

    The Airius units have proved extremely helpful in solving this problem. We are pleased with the quiet running nature of the fans, the fact that they are small, unobtrusive and yet so useful."

    David Parry - Maintenance & Engineering
  • "The Airius electrical team proved themselves to be extremely consciences during the installation which was incredibly reassuring baring in the mind the sensitive work we undertake on site. They communicated well both with myself and the horticultural team. The installation ran to plan and concluded on time. The glasshouses were cleared of all waste materials prior to Airius electrical leaving site.

    All in all I am extremely happy with the installation."

    Jeremy Carter - Energy Manager (Norwich BioScience Institute.)
  • "I know from my own experience that the fans work exceptionally well pushing the heat back down to where the people are! Airius were a pleasure to deal with! The Airius fans have eliminated hot and cold spots making the area more comfortable for our visitors".

    Janet Ayres - Facility Manager
  • "Airius destratification fans were fitted after some consultation works with the Carbon Trust.

    The installation of these fans is simple. The effectiveness is felt immediately. We were able to reduce the running times of our Warm Air heating system dramatically yet still retain a comfortable environment for staff and customers.

    As we all know, hot air rises and these fans make best use of recirculating high level warmth and placing it firmly at floor level. A worthwhile investment."

    Ian Whitelaw - Director
  • "Since the installation of the units the air quality and temperature has vastly improved and people are now feeling a lot more comfortable in the environment.

    I would highly recommend the Airius destratification fans as they have been the perfect solution to our problem."

    Tom Lyons - Knowsley Council
  • "There is no doubt that the Airius PHI has an inhibiting effect on mould in the store. We were able to raise the humidity by 10%! I am very pleased with the results and I would highly recommend the Airius fans!"

    Mike Smales – Owner
  • "I am delighted to be able to recommend the installation of Airius destratification systems into a preschool facility.

    We commissioned our new 80 child preschool in Clendon in December 2013 and had 4 units installed. It had been a very hot summer but the Airius units have cooled the preschool down by circulating and cleaning the air - they are almost as good as air conditioning units!

    We are yet to enter the winter months but we expect that we will have less sickness due to the Airius PureAir units eliminating bacteria and viruses in addition removing hot and cold spots. We are renovating an older preschool and will be installing the Airius units in the centre too as we are extremely happy with the results!"

    Tony Bracefield - General Manager
  • We recently installed the Airius system in our moulding shop which operates 24/7 producing injection mouldings for the engineering and packaging industries.

    The operators in the area soon appreciated the more pleasant and balanced working environment as the heat that used to build up in the ceiling area was pushed down by the Airius units and re-circulated.

    As a company operating under the present marketing conditions we welcomed the reduced gas consumption and the consequent reduction in our carbon footprint that resulted from this investment. We would also acknowledge the support we received from Loan Action Scotland with this project.

    Neil McLaren – Joint Managing Director
  • "Ista Energy Solutions Ltd is an independent utilities and energy management consultancy who have adopted different technologies and engineered solutions to meet the energy reduction objectives and targets of their clients. A recent initiative has been carried out for Mercedes Benz UK in their Watford Showroom where Arius destratification fans have been employed to improve comfort levels and reduce energy consumption for heating.

    Before the fans were installed the showroom was cold and several electric fan heaters were in use. Through monitoring and reporting of consumption at the fiscal metering at the site ISTA has been able to prove that the destratification fans have proved a resounding success with perception of comfort being improved so that there is no need for localised heaters. The heating load has been reduced considerably, not just by the removal of the localised heating but also through centralised plant which now maintains comfort levels where previously it had been incapable of doing so at times."

    Matthew Murphy - Ista Energy Solutions Ltd
  • "We have found the Airius fans to be a great asset to the working environment of our 12,000 square foot factory. Prior to the installation of these units the mezzanine areas were unbearably hot and the ground floor was at best cool. However, since the installation the working environment in both areas has become much improved."

    Factory Manager
  • “We run a glass furnace, one heating drum and two kilns in a workshop space of about 75 square metres.

    The entire area is covered with a translucent polycarbonate roof; needless to say the area gets very hot to the point of being unbearable. Air-conditioning is expensive to buy and install and even more expensive to run. After some research we decided to install 3 Airius fans in the hope of bringing in cooler external air. Two Airius Model 25 units blow air out of two small windows in the ceiling and the third one blows air out of the top of the open doorway.

    The resulting negative air pressures suck in a significant volume of cooler air. The results were immediate and most welcome. We could feel the fresher cooling breeze instantly and it has now allowed us to operate in the space whereas before we had to vacate when it became too hot. The cost savings versus air-conditioning are dramatic. A smart move on our part!"

    Michael Ruh & Natascha Wahl - Owners of Michael Ruh Studio, London.
  • "The objective was air quality improvements for a public swimming pool at Loanhead Leisure Centre.

    Installing the Destratification Fans was a first for us and addressed a need to improve the working environment of the pool-side staff. The fans were straightforward to install through our M&E contractor A McKay & Co.

    Now that the system is running in co-ordination with the air handling plant this has been achieved successfully."

    David Hamer – Maintenance Surveyor
  • "Since fitting the Airius destratification units in our storage warehouse we have been able to keep a constant temperature and are also able to switch one of our heaters off thus giving us a saving in heating costs."

    Paul Stewart - Safety Health & Environmental Manager
  • "The National Star College is a residential further education college for students with disabilities.

    Our main Sports Hall is a 21m x 14m x 9m high unit, which has been difficult to heat, because all the warm air rises to the roof. Because a lot of our students are in wheelchairs, they feel the cold more than an ambulant person.

    We decided to install Airius units and as a consequence the area has become much more comfortable for our students. We do not have sub metering in this area, so energy savings cannot be quantified but rest assured, life is much better for our students and staff."

    David Crompton - Head of Estates
  • "The installation of the products went really smoothly, on-time and with the minimum of disturbances to our production facility. The two engineers from Airius were outstanding with their professionalism at all time. All in all, a very good 4 day installation that totally met with our requirements"

    Mark Stokes - Nelson Stokes Ltd
  • "Airius surveyed the VW Showroom to address problems with the uneven temperatures between the upstairs offices and downstairs offices and showroom. Staff upstairs were too hot and the staff downstairs were working with their coats on at times.

    The Showroom has 3 sides of Glass, floor to roof. It has 4 A/c units with the temperature set at between 30 – 33C with 4 blowers on to maximum. Airius units were fitted throughout the showroom, directly facing the floor and away from Air Conditioning Units. The temperature on the A/C units have now been reset at between 18 – 22C with the 4 blowers on the low setting and 2 of these are turned off intermittently for approx. 2 – 4 hours per day.

    Staff on both floors commented on the lovely comfortable heat in comparison to before these were fitted. These have been monitored during cold spell of weather that we are experiencing at the moment."

    Sean Browne - Director
  • "We purchased Airius free hanging destratification fan units and installed them into 2 sports halls and the swimming pool area at the Sixmile Leisure Centre, Newtownabbey.

    These units have made a vast improvement to the internal atmosphere within the buildings and the public who use the facilities find the air quality greatly improved for sporting activities. The heating systems come on much less often and the complaints from swimmers about the warmth in the swimming pool area has reduced by 90%.

    We have found the Airius units have reduced our heating costs by an impressive 25% in sports halls and swimming pool area; the thermostat in the swimming pool building has also been turned down 2°C!!!"

    James Dunn - Facilities Manager
  • "Excellent quick turnaround, Fans installed within a day. Thank you."

  • "We now have Airius destratification fans in all of our main production facilities totalling 80,000 sq ft. Each installation was carried out professionally and to an excellent standard, with the minimum of interruption to our very busy manufacturing facilities.

    The main benefits for us are vastly improved air circulation, balance of temperature throughout the buildings, low running costs, silent and stress free operation and of course a fantastic saving on our gas utility bill per annum. I would highly recommend Airius systems for all factory and warehouse environments."

    Mark Northy - Director
  • “The model that we purchased was installed by us in house. All we did was replace the existing destratification fans located at the ceiling on one of our large hangars, and replace them with the Airius thermal equalizers.

    Fiscal Year 2005 (Oct 2004 - Sep 2005) we used 119,033 CCF of Natural Gas for heating that hangar. Fiscal Year 2006 (Oct 2005 - Sep 2006) we used only 77,146 CCF of gas to heat the same hangar, for a savings of 41,887 CCF.

    If we factor in the average cost of gas for that same time frame ($1.47/CCF), that leaves us with a savings of approximately $61,574 from the previous fiscal year........there were other factors but without a doubt these thermal equalizers paid for themselves that first year. We didn't get them installed until January 2006 to boot!”

    Micheal A Troxel, Lt Col, 121 CES Commander
  • "Optimum Control Technologies is actively involved in LIVE energy monitoring of the various elements of electricity use in Supermarkets - namely air conditioning, lighting and refrigeration.

    One of the age old problems has been the temperature variations in supermarkets caused by ‘spillage’ of cold air from dairy cabinets. This can create a temperature variation of up to 7 degrees in cold aisles compared to other parts of the store. We knew the solution was to use fans to mix the cold and warmer air – like stirring a pot of soup.

    The problem was how to do this safely and unobtrusively – we had looked at huge fans – but they presented safety and noise problems. We then discovered the AIRIUS system of purpose designed fan units – designed specifically for supermarkets. We were cautious as always and decided to run a limited trial in one of the supermarkets – Frewville Foodland in Adelaide – the results were amazing and defied all the sceptics:-

    a) Customers’ noted the improvement in cold aisle temperatures immediately – it had been a regular cause of complaint
    b) Temperatures throughout the store became more balanced without making a single change to the air conditioning settings
    c) They had no visual impact – even with a relatively low ceiling height
    d) They did NOT have any impact on refrigeration running costs despite many predictions they would – the reason we know this is because we are measuring live the running costs of the refrigeration system".

    We therefore conclude and recommend the Airius system to any supermarket wishing to improve customer comfort levels at a very low running costs."

    Dennis Hensman - Director
  • "Thank you for all your work this term in improving DG1.

    The addition of fans have greatly improved the working environment for staff and students, and it is something that I and the TAS team appreciate."

    Paul Berecry - Facilities Manager
  • "We are a small pottery manufacturing business and have employed the Airius fans to recirculate the otherwise wasted heat from the kilns. Since purchase it has performed faultlessly and although I have no figures to support an exact energy saving we employ no other heat source to dry goods in process.

    Should any potential client of yours in our field wish to discuss the efficacy of your product please feel free to give them our contact information."

    Paul Mcgrath – Director
  • "Since we installed the Airius units in our Grade II listed Bourton Hall this winter we have noticed a significant increase in temperature when we open the building in the morning, requiring fewer inefficient, local space heaters on the ground floor.

    We also installed a unit in our unheated storage building and it has made a difference there as well, noticeably taking the chill off and providing the necessary ventilation without penetrating the roof structure."

    Jonathan Gudorf - Facilities Manager
  • "We have installed Airius destratification fans into hangers at both our Blackbushe Airport, Surrey and Oxford Airport sites with great success.

    At both facilities Airius fans units have made the working area much warmer for our aircraft technicians and the heaters are switching off a lot more often which has never happened before."

    Paul Morrison - Facilities Manager
  • "I would like to thank the Airius team for being very helpful and informative.

    The Airius units have provided us with a sports hall that is now comfortably heated for the winter months and our customers have commented on the improvement."

    Lynne Galsworthy - Business Manager
  • "We decided to use the Airius destratification fans for two reasons – in order to improve efficiency and draw down warm air from the eight metre high roof space in the winter but also to circulate air during the summer.

    The latter being quite an important feature, as we had very successfully double glazed all external windows sited only 1.5 metres from to a very busy road to reduce traffic noise. This action had reduced air movement within the Church, resulting in the summer internal temperature rising to uncomfortable levels.

    By installing the Airius fans we have managed to improve the ventilation air flow within the church to manageable proportions giving excellent results. The noise generated by the Airius fan units is minimum and very acceptable!"

    Peter White - Church Property Steward.
  • "The AIRIUS product has worked extremely well for us – it has exceeded our expectations.

    Our main hangar is approximately 32,000 sq ft. with 40ft high ceilings. Before adding the AIRIUS products the heat would rise to the ceilings in winter leaving the floor cold. With the AIRIUS products installed the temperature remains constant from ceiling to floor. This has allowed us to reduce our thermostat settings while increasing the comfort level on the floor.

    Our employee’s love it – where they were wearing coats they are now working in t-shirts."

    Jeff Patterson - Owner
  • "I would like to compliment your company on a fine product.

    We use your AIRIUS System in our 6,000 sq ft. rock climbing gym. Rock climbing gyms present a unique challenge when thinking about ventilation. The climbers do not want to climb in to a hot area whilst their partners at the bottom of the “rock” need to be kept warm…. the opposite to the laws of physics…..we need warm air at ground level with no increase in temperature as the climber ascends the wall.

    The AIRIUS System is perfect in this application…. they are safe, quiet and very energy efficient and allow us to save on our air conditioning costs."

    Matt Lambert - Owner
  • "The Airius Electrical Contractors team installed 76 De-stratification fans in one of our sites in Filton. They all conducted themselves impeccably and the installation was of high quality. We were very impressed with their safe systems of work."

    Facilities Manager
  • "Once the project date had been agreed the Airius/Mitie Project Team were excellent throughout and worked alongside MTM to deliver ON TIME. Their attention to detail throughout the installation was of a very high standard and communication was regular and precise which enabled Man Services team to cascade effectively and clearly."

    T.A. Moore - Manufacturing Services Leader
  • "The Airius destratification units installed on the shop floor of our Bath site are very effective.

    The units have been instrumental in bringing down hot air trapped in the ceilings and high roof areas of the shop floor. Heat generated is better circulated around the building and the staff on the shop floor are of the opinion that the overall warmth inside the building has increased.

    Airius have made it possible to provide better heating without installing new heaters and without increasing temperature levels on existing heaters."

    Peeyush Kurian - Engineer
  • "Over a period of 3 years we moved the actual heater to 2 locations in an attempt the maximise the air flow direction with some moderate success, eventually turning to air circulation designs.

    Our initial design was to install 3 wall fans along the length of the building in an attempt to circulate the air across the building to move air into the roof area and back down. Research brought up information on the Airius Axial fans, by installing them at the highest point in the roof we were able to utilise the convection that is produced by the rising hot air being forced back down by the turbo fans producing circulating currents that not only heated the building in a shorter space of time but also cut out the thermostats for more efficiency and by doing made savings.

    We moved to a bigger building 3 years ago and one of our first projects was to purchase another 2 fans, we now have 4 fans located in the inner apex of the roof space, these are linked to the main gas air blower providing circulating currents through whole length of the building.

    In my opinion we would be using in the region of 30-50 % more energy to heat this building if only the gas blower was the only thing we had."

    Clive Morris - Managing Director
  • "Install was completed last week as agreed and we are very impressed with the performance of the fans. They are virtually silent and very effective.

    Our main criteria was to improve the stability and consistency of the environment in the museum and our temp sensors would indicate that is exactly what is happening.

    Lee and his apprentice did a fantastic job under quite difficult circumstances. The install was completed safely and professionally and we are very pleased with the result.

    Many thanks!"

    Paul Harrison - Head of Technical Services
  • "Along with the addition of a new lighting system to illuminate the building more sympathetically, destratification fans were installed.

    Units were installed above the main body of the church and above the organ which is set to point into the church. Supplied and painted by Airius they blend in extremely well to the ceiling.

    Best of all they have made a great improvement to the heating in the church. They should also help the performance of the organ which can be temperamental during the winter."

    Facilities Manager
  • "We have now had our Airius fans installed at our church for two to three years and they have performed extremely well.

    With the rising costs each year of heating fuel, it is difficult to assess the exact saving in having the fans, however we are confident that our heating works more efficiently with the fans in use and therefore creates a more comfortable church for our congregation. During the purchase of the units we found Arius to be helpful and a pleasure to deal with".

    Jeff Conway - Churchwarden St Michael's Winterbourne
  • "I am so pleased with the results I put together a brief testimonial which you may use if you wish when talking to our colleagues in the Wine Industry.

    In December 2006 after a site visit from your Airius representative, Tarara Winery purchased Airius PureAir destratification units in an attempt to control both airborne mold spores and VOCs. While at the same time equalising air temperature throughout our winemaking facility. Our primary goal was air purification in our wine making cave. We had looked at other air purifying units and were not convinced of their capabilities due to concerns over lack of air circulation through the units themselves and throughout all the targeted space. We liked the concept of total air circulation and temperature equalisation of the Airius units and the Photo-Hydro-Ionization (PHI) cell data we reviewed with your Airius rep was very impressive.

    Shortly after powering up the units, just as indicated, I was able to feel air movement in all of the space including the corners and around and under our vats. This told me we should get excellent treatment of all the air in the cave.

    Within one week of activating the [PHI] units there was a 40% decrease in mold spores and a noticeable difference in VOCs. Within two weeks, airborne spores were reduced by 70%, and VOCs were virtually eliminated. After three weeks, airborne spores were reduced by 92%.

    I cannot stress how pleased I am with the results of the Airius PureAir units in improving air quality. I am confident that this will have a strong positive impact on product quality by reducing the concentration of spoilage organisms and VOCs in the air. I also believe the thermal equalisation provided by the units may help with process and quality control. Since our primary reason for purchasing the units was the air purifying capabilities, this to me would be an added benefit. Thanks for bringing this product to our attention!"

    Rob Warren – Winemaker
  • "The AIRIUS System reduced our energy costs by 26% and paid for itself in one winter season.

    The units increased the air circulation throughout the planting benches, eliminated non-productive cold corners and increased our winter plant growth. As you predicted, our concrete floors and walkways became a heat storage bank, supplying free heat during the night.

    As a result of installing your system, the consistent temperature increased our winter plant growth in ways we had never seen before. Calla Lilies bloomed 25% more than in previous winter months and our philodendron showed exceptional growth. The AIRIUS System helped us grow healthier plants.

    We’ve now installed the system throughout our greenhouses."

    Kelly Grummons - Chief Horticulturalist
  • "Our Edinburgh Outdoor Experience store has a single floor store layout opening out into high roofed area with a ground floor café and gallery sales area; this open space had two issues; the gallery space being too hot during the summer months whilst the ground floor café was too cold for customers during the winter months. We originally controlled the temperature with large AC units but the result was never satisfactory at either level.

    We installed 5 Airius destratification fans moving air from the high level on the gallery and pushing it down to the ground floor level, this brought the temperature on the gallery down to a comfortable level during the summer and resolved the cold customer issue in the café throughout the winter. The Airius system was installed during the summer whilst the AC system was closed down for servicing and we were happy to find the environment now comfortable without the AC running. We were interested in the destratification effect during the winter months, as part of some trials we shut down the AC heating system and tested several thermostatically controlled wall heaters and found the temperature across both levels more than satisfactory with the temperature well balanced. This has now led to the entire AC system being decommissioned with a considerable reduction in electricity consumption. We now consider destratification systems as a key part of our refits and store design for new openings, this helps us achieve improved customer comfort, operating efficiency and contributes towards reducing our carbon emissions."

    Iain Calder - Property Director
  • "In September 2008 we installed nine Airius destratification fans in our distribution department. At the same time we also installed two high efficiency space heaters as replacements for existing heaters.

    Prior to these changes, in winter the difference between temperatures at floor level and roof level was approximately 5/6 degrees C. The difference now is approximately 1/2 degrees C and this has resulted in a reduction of approximately 25% in our gas consumption between October `07 to March `08 and October `08 to March `09.

    As you can imagine we are very pleased with the outcome."

    Martin Kelly - Facilities Manager
  • "Further to our telephone call I can confirm that we are very pleased with the installation of the Airius fan units.

    Installation 1: Installation in main workshop area in November 2008. We have quantified our savings based on last year gas bill and have saved approx. £500.00 on the quarterly bill.

    Installation 2: Installation in new canteen area. Units have only been running approx. 3 weeks and we hope to generate similar savings.

    As discussed earlier I am more than happy to show the installations to any new customers."

    Site Services Manager
  • "All the Airius Fan Units are now installed and running. They are having a fantastic affect. This is the first year I have not had the press shop complaining to me about the temperature.

    In fact, it is now the warmest place on the shop floor.


    Alan Sawyer - Business Systems Manager
  • "I just wanted to let you know that the Airius units are in place and are working really well.

    We haven’t fully loaded our heat room with honey yet, but at the moment we’ve been monitoring the temperature at floor; head; and ceiling height. The temperature is actually warmest at floor level (39 Celsius), and is even between head and ceiling height (38 Celsius).

    We’re very impressed. Previously we would have around 30 Celsius at floor level and 40 - 42 Celsius at ceiling height."

    Facilities Manager
  • "These guys are super efficient, very professional and offer service with a friendly smile. They have done a fantastic job at our recently renovated laboratory. The lighting has never been better and the work done was to the highest of standards. They even helped us mount our new TV onto the wall which we were struggling to do.

    Trust me you can rely on Lee and Craig for your electrical needs."

    Karl Jensen - Laboratory Manager
  • "We installed the units throughout the Machine shop, Fabrication Workshop and Mechanical fitting department. The units arrived on schedule and were installed with great ease using a local electrical contractor.

    Since the installation we have had a warmer more constant temperature in the workshops and many comments from the machinists stating that the air temperature is better for working in. The thermostat fitted to the heaters has also been turned down and thus giving us saving on fuel used.

    Overall a very good investment."

    Alan Niven - Director
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