Reducing your use (and cost) of gas in support of COP26

Airius Destratification Systems Could Help Businesses Meet COP26 Carbon Emissions Reductions Targets


What is COP26 and why did it take place?

The world is warming because of emissions from fossil fuels used by humans, like coal, oil and gas.

Extreme weather events linked to climate change – including heatwaves, floods and forest fires – are intensifying. The past decade was the warmest on record and governments agree urgent collective action is needed. (Source:

That is why COP26 has attracted more focus than many other similar summits, set as it is against the backdrop of growing environmental protest movements.

2. The world is getting warmer

For this conference – called COP26 – 200 countries have been asked for their plans to cut emissions by 2030.

They all agreed in 2015 to make changes to keep global warming “well below” 2ºC – and to try aim for 1.5ºC – so that we avoid a climate catastrophe.

This is the Paris Agreement. It means countries have to keep cutting emissions until reaching net zero in 2050. (Source:

Graph showing Global mean temperatures rising

3. What has been agreed at COP26?

Many countries set out plans to reduce emissions before the summit, but there has been a flurry of new announcements:

This is where Airius can help – reducing gas usage and carbon emissions

Airius has a range of innovative fan solutions that can save businesses an average of 35% on their energy usage – reducing consumption, bills and the carbon footprint of your building. Providing cost effective, energy saving heating solutions as well as acting as an comparative alternative to eco friendly air conditioning, our fans have reduced the bills of thousands of companies, whether they are located in offices, warehouses, retail showrooms, hangars, factories, schools, hospitals – the solution works everywhere.

The challenge for traditional heating and eco friendly air conditioning systems

All buildings naturally have a challenge balancing the temperature flow within the environment. Thermal stratification is a natural phenomenon that affects all buildings. Hot, lighter air rises towards the ceiling. Cool air falls to the floor. The result is a dramatic temperature difference between the floor and ceiling.

The main negative consequence of thermal stratification is that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have to work harder to maintain an even temperature. Your HVAC systems have to over-deliver on hot or cool air in order to resist the effects of thermal stratification.

Consequently, your energy bills are higher and the condition of your environment is rarely ideal.

Buildings with high ceilings are more likely to suffer from extreme temperature differences. Wasted heat will inevitably rise to the top of your building and have the opportunity to increase in temperature by up to 14°C. Conversely, heavier cooled air which is more difficult to distribute is wasted by sinking to low points in a building or by becoming trapped in difficult to circulate areas.

Airius Destratification Systems helping you to achieve energy heating savings

To combat the problem of thermal stratification, Airius have a range of destratification fan systems that will balance the internal temperatures in your building, by recirculating existing heat and any additional heat generated from people, processes or solar gain. This enables you to achieve significant energy heating savings.

Our systems will also reduce the operation time and workload required of heating and cooling systems significantly, optimising energy saving heating strategies and provding customers with cooling solutions that are up to 90% cheaper than eco friendly air conditioning systems.

Airius Destratification Fan Range for Heating & Cooling

Where has this worked?

Lush – Airius Energy Saving Heating Reduced Costs by 60%!

Lush Retail Ltd needed to improve internal conditions at their Hatch Pond Road factory facility in Poole, Dorset. Temperatures at floor level were uncomfortably cold as their heating system was unable to reach acceptable conditions. This also incurred high energy costs as the heating system was running constantly in an attempt to reach set parameters.

Following installation of the Airius system heating costs for the site were reduced by over 60%!

Kingdom Shopping reduce costs with Airius Destratification

Kingdom Shopping Centre


Kingdom Shopping Centre Win Environmental Award for Heating Cost Reduction with Airius Destratification Fans

Shopping centres have among the highest energy costs and consumption when it comes to heating and cooling, yet still struggle to maintain comfortable temperatures. At the Kingdom Shopping Centre in Glenrothes tenants had made requests to the management to improve heating levels, as units were uncomfortably cold despite the high heating bills. So, Kingdom set out to find a solution that would not only improve heating comfort, but also conserve energy.

Kingdom Shopping Centre worked with Airius to design and install a series of 26 Destratification fans throughout the Centre, including its 2 squares, central walkway, theatre and library. The results far exceeded the clients expectations and enabled the Centre to reduce the thermostat base level by 6°C, whilst also vastly improving comfort, leading to a significant reduction in energy costs and CO₂ emissions. The project was such a success that it directly led to the Centre being awarded ‘The Green Apple – Gold Award’ for environmental best practice.

Summary: How will we know COP26 is a success and how can we contribute?

As the host nation, the UK wants all participants to recommit to net zero emissions by 2050 and big reductions by 2030.

It will also want more specific pledges, like those already agreed on deforestation and methane. (Source:

Airius can help all businesses across all sectors to get closer to zero emissions by reducing your gas usage typically by 35% on average, providing energy saving heating solutons and cost effective eco friendly air conditioning. We are already improving living and working conditions for all, reducing costs for businesses and reducing energy consumption to lessen the impact of climate change and make a real contribution towards the protection of our environment.

Through our expertise, passion, customer dedication and the best technology, Airius will deliver unparalleled comfort and protection.

We provide the whole service – advice, design, installation, service, and maintenance. We are here to help!