The Growing Need For Cooling In The UK


Environmental topics including the impact of global warming have never been more prevalent. 

Campaigners across the globe have helped make climate issues not just an environmental issue but also a political one.  Because of this, the government is increasingly finding ways to reward businesses who ‘go green’ by reducing their cooling costs.

For any UK business, engaging with environmental issues provides many benefits including building a better brand image, being compliant with ever-tighter energy regulations, becoming more energy efficient and ultimately saving money on energy bills.  With the government aiming for the UK to be completely carbon free by 2050, now is the time to get your energy in order and boost your bottom line at the same time.

Up to 70% of a business’s energy budget is typically spent on cooling and heating.  By installing an Airius airflow circulation cooling and destratification system, you’re future-proofing your business and reducing potential legislative headaches further down the line.

It won’t come as a surprise that many cooling and heating systems in UK workspaces are inefficient, leading to increased energy bills and uncomfortable working environments.  And, with profit margins tighter than ever, it’s important to make changes sooner rather than later.

How can a destratification & airflow circulation cooling system help my business?

Destratification is the process of recycling air temperatures within spaces through continuous airflow circulation, to produce more efficient and economical temperature distribution throughout a building.

Maximising the performance of existing cooling and heating systems, airflow circulation cooling and destratification systems are designed to be installed alongside a wide variety of workplace equipment to optimise the distribution of cool or warm air produced, providing stable temperatures and creating a comfortable working environment whatever the season.

At Airius, our expertly engineered systems provide cost-effective cooling solutions for businesses of any shape and size, helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions, running costs and energy consumption.  Our fully guaranteed fans provide energy efficiency savings of up to 40% or more (See Bowlplex Testimonial where they made savings of over 70% on their cooling costs) and work seamlessly alongside any existing air conditioning and cooling systems.

How are airflow circulation cooling and destratification systems installed?

Airius airflow cooling and destratification systems are quick and easy to install.  On top of this they require very little maintenance and they are extremely affordable to run, providing on average a 40% reduction in cooling costs for your business.

Although simple to set up, our team of energy experts will be happy to work with you on your installation, to help maximise efficiency and savings for your premises.

Whatever industry you’re working in and whatever the type of premises you operate from – whether it’s a factory or warehouse, serviced office block or showroom – we will work with you on a bespoke installation that takes the size, floor plan and type of activity in your business into account.  We will also ensure our cooling systems work seamlessly alongside your existing HVAC system.

Is my building suitable for an airflow circulation cooling and destratification system?

Despite common preconceptions, destratification systems are not solely designed for optimising heating in large buildings.  If your home or office space has a ceiling height ranging from as low as 2.5 metres right up to 38 metres, you will benefit from an Airius airflow circulation cooling and destratification system.  So, whether you work from a converted shed or an aircraft hangar, you can take advantage of our market-leading cooling products.

What’s more, despite ‘destratification’ being a somewhat complicated, technical term, our destratification and airflow cooling fans are very simple to install and installation can be carried out by any local electrician.

Even those buildings without existing cooling systems will benefit from a fresher-feeling environment and the natural Evaporative Cooling effect of circulating air during those hot and sticky summer months.  So much so that in some cases customers have fully decommissioned Air Conditioning systems, resulting in a 100% saving on their cooling costs (See Tiso Testimonial). 

What are the benefits of an airflow circulation cooling and destratification system?

Any successful business knows that reducing costs is one of the most important factors when it comes to maximising revenue.  By recycling the air used in your premises, you can easily achieve this by improving your energy efficiency and helping stave off soaring energy prices.

Airius airflow circulation cooling and destratification systems offer the perfect solution for helping to achieve this.  Our range of market-leading and fully guaranteed fans re-circulate the cool or warm air generated by your existing air-conditioning, cooling or heating systems, making sure temperatures are evenly distributed throughout your building. 

Some of the many benefits of installing an Airius airflow circulation cooling system include:

Are you looking to purchase an airflow circulation cooling system?

Destratification and airflow cooling systems can help make your business more energy efficient as well as significantly reducing costs. On top of this, they can also help reduce your carbon footprint and make for a more comfortable working environment.

Airius provide efficient and effective destratification and airflow circulation cooling systems for a wide range of customers both big and small, including leading high streets brands such as Morrisons and LUSH cosmetics.

Why not call us now on 01202 554200 to see how we can help you save between 20-50% on your energy expenditure.