Retail Series - Standard, Aisle and Q Models

Aisle & Standard Retail Series

Maintaining comfortable environments in the retail industry are crucial to sales and productivity. Stores that are too hot or cold result in shorter customer browse times and reduced employee productivity.

However, trying to achieve and maintain desired conditions is an ongoing struggle, when customers frequently open doors, process heat from appliances and cold air spillage from chiller and freezer cabinets conflict with set temperatures, and floor plan layouts inhibit efficient air flow circulation and temperature distribution.

The Airius Retail Series is specially designed for retail buildings and suit open, exposed and suspended ceiling retail facilities.

For use in aisled applications Airius supply the Narrow Aisle Retail Series system, specifically designed to provide an elongated airflow pattern to maximize spread down aisles, while minimising interference with open reach in cases. Also configurable, the Standard Retail Series system is for areas that do not require an elongated pattern, such as foyers, counter areas and throughout general sales floors.

The Retail Series is available with a factory programmed motor to suit ceiling height requirements up to 8 metres.

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‘Q’ Retail Series

All Airius destratification fan units are designed and built to cause minimal noise disruption and the most powerful models still only produce sound levels equal to a quiet office environment on average.

However, every building has its own unique acoustic properties, which means that in rare cases there may be a requirement for a destratification system that operates near-silently, but still provides all the same features and benefits as standard destratification systems.

Catering for ceiling heights up to 18 metres high the Airius Retail Series Q Model is specially designed to maximize airflow whilst dramatically reducing any noise emitted. Using a unique motor mounting system each Q Series unit strictly limits any sound vibration resonating from the fan.

Working in concert, each Q Model unit delivers gentle air circulation to balance overall air temperature from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. By continuously and silently mixing internal air to balance temperatures you can maintain a consistent level of comfort, whilst reducing the workload on your HVAC system, saving up to 50% on heating and cooling costs.

Available in two motor types the Retail Series Q Model is capable of equalising up to 232 square metres of floor area.

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