Considerable Energy Savings for Car Showrooms

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While your sales and service team provide excellent customer service, Airius teams up with your HVAC system to provide increased comfort and energy savings.

From showrooms, to parts storage and service bays, Airius has a solution to fit. Airius provides efficient air movement to recirculate rising warm air to the floor during the winter and reduce the cooling load during the summer.

If you have a facility with exposed structure take a look at our Standard Series Range, for architecturally sensitive spaces check out the Designer Series and for a facility with suspended ceilings check out our Suspended Series Range.

Features & Benefits

•   Vastly improved comfort levels all year round
•   40%+ reduction in heating costs
•   25%+ reduction in cooling costs
•   25% – 40% reduction in carbon emissions
•   Rapid ROI – Usually 12 – 24 months
•   Recycles heat from solar gain, lighting etc.
•   Reduced showroom/garage heat up time
•   Condensation reduced or eliminated
•   Significantly reduced HVAC maintenance costs
•   Works alongside ALL types of HVAC system
•   Minimal running costs (from £6/pa)
•   Increases lighting lifespan
•   Balances mezzanine temperatures
•   Eligable for carbon reducing grants/loans

Selected Client List

jF22_cVFJidetje9AGTFGC1MbgdLsZbndYeDD3KGlkEIt is critical in a showroom environment that potential customers are kept comfortable so they browse for longer. Many showrooms suffer from both extremes of temperature. In showrooms with high ceilings heating can be costly as the heat rises from the floor area and away from your customers and staff.Showrooms with glass walls often act like a greenhouse resulting in uncomfortably high temperatures.

The Airius retail destratification system directs the hot air trapped in ceilings back down to floor level in winter. In summer efficient air circulation creates a ‘breeze’ which has a natural cooling effect, thus reducing the amount of air conditioning needed. The air circulation will also prevent any fogging or condensation forming on glass walls, keeping your products clearly on display.

If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption and costs, improve the internal atmosphere and comfort levels for customers and staff and reduce your businesses carbon emissions the Airius retail destratification system is the cost effective solution.


Arnold Clark

“Airius destratification fans were installed after some consultation works with the Carbon Trust. The installation of these fans is simple. The effectiveness is felt immediately. We were able to reduce the running times of our warm air heating system dramatically yet still retain a comfortable environment for staff and customers. As we all know, hot air rises and these fans make best use of recirculating high level warmth and placing it firmly at floor level. A worthwhile investment!”


Ian Whitelaw – Director



Newmarket Motors

“We now have Airius destratification fans in all of our main production facilities totalling 80,000 sq t. Each installation was carried out professionally and to an excellent standard, with the minimum of interruption to our very busy manufacturing facilities. The main benefits for us are vastly improved air circulation, balance of temperature throughout the buildings, low running costs, silent and stress free operation and of course a fantastic saving on our gas utility bill per annum. I would highly recommend Airius systems for all factory and warehouse environments.”

newmMark Northy – Managing Director


Mercedes Benz UK Showroom

“Ista Energy Solutions Ltd is an independent utilities and energy management consultancy who have adopted different technologies and engineered solutions to meet the energy reduction objectives and targets of their clients. A recent initiative has been carried out for Mercedes Benz UK in their Watford Showroom where Arius destratification fans have been employed to improve comfort levels and reduce energy consumption for heating.

Before the fans were installed the showroom was cold and several electric fan heaters were in use. Through monitoring and reporting of consumption at the fiscal metering at the site, ISTA has been able to prove that the destratification fans have proved a resounding success with perception of comfort being improved so that there is no need for localised heaters. The heating load has been reduced considerably, not just by the removal of the localised heating, but also through centralised plant which now maintains comfort levels where previously it had been incapable of doing so at times.”

mercMatthew Murphy – ISTA Energy Solutions Ltd

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