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We at Arius based in the UK and servicing Europe, Asia and the middle east are a committed team of professionals, Arius aims to offer our clients to save anything from 20% to 50% of their heating cost.

What is stratification and the need for using destratification warehouse fans? Thermal stratification is a natural occurring phenomenon for all buildings, this is caused from the rapidly heating and cooling between the use of a buildings heating and cooling system. With hot air rising towards the ceiling of the roof of your buildings this causes the cooling air to stay towards the bottom. This can happen to all buildings and we at Airius have a solution to this.

With our destratification warehouse fans we are able to create a system that will balance the internal temperatures in your building, which for you means less money in running the heating throughout your entire building. These warehouse fans work by bringing the warm air down and channelling it through your workplace, buildings with high ceilings often suffer from this but with our expert knowledge of the trade and our high quality destratification fans heat will inevitably rise and then go through the process of being circulated rather then staying trapped.

Other benefits of having our destratification warehouse fans installed will reduce the amount of energy your company uses, reducing the CO2 emissions by 20%-50% and saving you money. Our installations are not only going to help your workforce stay warm, but with our 5-year warranty plus our 120-day money back guarantee you can be sure that we are putting the customer first. All these standard and designer units, destratification fan, warehouse fans and heating systems come with this unique offer that is unmatched by any other destratification fan manufacturer.

With Airius, making sure our customers are pleased with our installations is a key goal of ours that’s why our state of the art destratification warehouse fans are all designed and installed with the committed goal in saving our customer’s huge amounts of money. With our company winning the product innovation award 3 years in a row you can have our guarantee that all work carried out is going to exceed the expectations for the industry and always meet to the guidelines set out by the governing bodies.

If your company is seeing a sudden high energy use to warm your workplace, then let Airius help to save you money and reduce your carbon emissions all from a simple installation of our destratification fans. Contact us today or send us an email at airflow@airius.co.uk

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